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Forum Romanum: Ancient Rome's Downtown
Panoramic view of the Forum

The Roman Forum tour is every amateur archeologist's dream come true! We meet at the main entrance of the ancient forum on Via Fori Imperiali, and from there we will begin our examination of a space so dynamic and eloquent the ruins almost speak for themselves! Temple of the Empress Faustina

This tour takes us from Rome's shadowy and primitive origins to the magnificent monuments of the empire. We have over one thousand years of fascinating history to explore! Very few sites are as simultaneously educational and breathtaking.
Fragments with bull relief 

Entrance fees: the ticket for the Roman Forum is Euro 12.  It includes, however, access to the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. Children access the site free of charge.

Note: Many visitors consider the Forum and Colosseum a perfect half-day (about four hours).  Others enjoy a "full immersion" and opt for a short full-day (6 or 7 hours) in order to visit the Forum, Colosseum, and Palatine.  Of course, the Forum can also be paired up with Rome's Underground attractions or other sights in town. 

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